Zelda items for the weeks of 3/5/17, 3/12/17, and 3/19/17

Here are the newly acquired Zelda items from the past three weeks.

Sorry for being a week behind on posting, there just wasn’t anything but one item on the week ending 3/5/17.  I think I’ll just make items posts going further when I’ve acquired ten new things.

Domestically acquired Zelda items

Yet another puzzle from USAopoly. This brings the total number of puzzles they’ve made that I have so far to nine.  It’s ridiculous, USAopoly, please stop making puzzles.

Zelda Items - Wind Waker Puzzle #3 Zelda Items - Wind Waker Puzzle #3

The Zelda Chess set has finally arrived.  Also by USAopoly.  It looks like there are plans on the horizon for Clue, Uno, and probably every other board game ever manufactured just to squeeze more dollars out of us.  This is the last board game I am buying with a Zelda theme.

Zelda Items - Zelda Chess Set

A promo button from Pax South:

A promo button for the release of Arts & Artifacts, exclusive to the select Barnes & Noble locations that had a launch party for the book:

Legendary Edition of Majora’s Mask and A Link to the Past:

I did not buy the Collector’s Edition of Breath of the Wild because it was just the Master Edition without the statue.  I did want the box though so I grabbed one on eBay, this one got damaged a bit during shipping though.

Zelda 8-bit Air Freshener.

Favorite item of the three weeks is definitely the Gameboy Limited Edition Link’s Awakening release.  Literally just a sticker on a Gameboy box and the game thrown in the box, but I am trying to get every system released specifically for Zelda here, even the ones with only stickers.

An Ocarina of Time pocket watch to go with the other one from this set.




Imported Zelda Items

This item is being tossed in with imports because it was bought internationally, however, it was only possible to acquire these items at E3 2016 if you happened to be working for Nintendo at the presentation or were one for the few lucky individuals who were given one.  This one is interesting though because it’s a fake.  I’m posting it as a warning to other potential collectors.  If you see the Breath of the Wile E3 pin from a EU seller, who also happens to be selling other rare pins, it’s almost guaranteed to be fake.

I know mine is fake because I asked the seller after I got it to basically prove it’s genuine.  I was given an immediate refund with no followup email.  This prevents me from leaving feedback and possibly warning other potential victims of counterfeiting on eBay to this seller.

UK preorder bonus pin and postcards”


EU retail display box:

Other news

I’m hopelessly addicted to Breath of the Wild, but I’m delaying beating the game until I’ve acquired all shrines, koroks, and armor sets fully upgraded.  I’m at about 70 shrines, 300 or so seeds, and all armor sets but one or two.  I’m hoping to have another month or two of play time before I get to the completion percentage I want to start heading into the castle.

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    I noticed in one of your older
    Posts your looking for zelda consoles. I have a few older North American ones sealed if your interested in trading. Message me and I’ll send a few pictures, take care…
    Wasn’t sure how to contact you in this site so I hope this works.

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