New Zelda items for the week of 1/15/17

Here are the newly acquired Zelda items this week.

Imported Zelda Items

I’m not sure why I pick up Japanese phone cards other than the art, but they are officially licensed and look nice with the rest of my cards:

Ocarina of Time phone card - Zelda items this week

Next up, this 8-bit sound display that I’ve been trying to get my hands on for years.  This plays the secret discovery sound you would hear when you burn the bush to enter dungeon eight. Made by Banpresto and released in 2005 in a blind bag set called “Sound Stage”  The remainder of the set includes Ice Climber, Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight, Mario Bros., and Super Mario Bros. I’m only interested in this one,however.

8-bit sound display - Zelda items this week

Favorite import of the week

Next up, something I’ve been after for a while, the ZeldaBox.ZeldaBox came out in 2002 for Wind Waker and includes a book about the game, concept art, interviews, a figure of Link and a Moblin, a poster map, and an audio CD.  It was made by Enterbrain.

Zelda Box - Zelda items this week

Zelda Box - Zelda items this weekZelda Box - Zelda items this week









Domestically acquired Zelda items

First, I was able to finish my 2016 Enterplay card set with Zant’s gold foil card, G7 this week.  This was a difficult card to acquire.  I’ve also included a picture of the completed gold cards from the set.

Enterplay 2016 G7, Zant gold foil - Zelda items this week Enterplay 2016 G7, Zant gold foil - Zelda items this weekEnterplay 2016 Zelda gold foils - Zelda items this week







Another card to be added to a collection was not the 2016 Enterplay Zelda set but the 2007 Enterplay Zelda set.  Arguably the hardest US Zelda cards to get now as manufacturing stopped years ago and people don’t seem to want to let their cards go individually. Anyhow, I managed to acquire a Link gold foil from the set, card G5.

Enterplay 2007 Twilight Princess card set, G5 - Link - Zelda items this week







Also acquired this week was the World of Nintendo prototype Wind Waker Link 4″ figure:

World of Nintendo, Wind Waker Link Prototype 4" Figure - Zelda items this week







Finally a 2006 sealed keychain set from Banpresto that was imported from someone else and sold in the US.  This is a much smaller set that I had imagined it would be, measuring at about five inches in over height for the box.

Banpresto Zelda keychain set - Zelda items this week

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