New Zelda collection items arrived this week.

Imported items

Some items arrived this week for my Zelda collection from Japan that I ordered through buyeeBuyee is a service company from Tenso that will purchase items for you from several online Japanese vendors, uncomplicating the process of signing up for those sites, figuring out how to add your tenso address, and then figuring out how to pay if they don’t accept paypal.

If you aren’t familiar with Tenso, they are essentially an exporter that lets you create a physical mailing address to have items shipped from companies that will not ship out of Japan.

Anyway, here’s what I got:

This Zelda figure finishes up my set from the Ocarina of Time Gacha figurine set. A very hard item to find in the US for less than about $25

Zelda Ocarina of Time Gacha figure







Next we have the new Twilight Princess keychain set from Japan, nothing to exciting about these and I will only display them so they will remain in packaging.

Zelda Twilight Princess keychains







A club Nintendo stylus that I wasn’t able to acquire before all of the Club Nintendos changed to virtual items.  Shy of a shirt, I believe this completes my Club Nintendo Japan – Zelda items:

Zelda styles from club Nintendo Japan







A Phantom Hourglass DS case and Phantom Hourglass case for additional games:

Phantom hourglass game case Phantom Hourglass DS case







My favorites for the day

These two are my favorite arrivals.  I’ve been trying to get my hands on a set of these for years but the US auctions always go higher than I’d like to pay for what are essentially lite-brite sets with no lighting. The first is a set from editmode from their King of Games line of products, essentially their Nintendo licensed line.  The second is direct from Tomytec and seems too  be harder to find.  Both sets are called .S Dots and more information can be found on wikipedia – here

.S Dots King of Games Zelda set .S Dots King of Games Zelda set







.S Dots Zelda set .S Dots Zelda set








Domestic items

Finally, some domestic products for my collection that I already have one of each of but filled the first binder up quickly with both Enterplay card sets and some other miscellaneous cards.  The binder and cards sleeves are new from Enterplay and add protection to  your Zelda card sets.  This new binder and sleeves has been earmarked for my imported card sets.  The can be ordered directly from Enterplay – here  There are a few types of card sleeves, play mats, and the new Legend of Zelda card sets for 2016 available on their site.  They are great to work directly with and seem to always do a good job with packing and shipping.

Enterplay Legend of Zelda binder Enterplay Zelda card sleeves

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