3DS XL Charging Cradle

New Nintendo Battery 3DS XL Charging Cradle Traceable Black From Japan

Though technically not a Legend of Zelda Collectible, and technically probably shouldn’t be on my site, the new Limited Edition Zelda 3DS XL does not come with a charging cradle.  It should be noted that the Ocarina of Time Limited Edition 3DS DID come with a cradle charger and this was a feature I really came to appreciate about my 3DS,  It keeps my 3DS in the exact same spot of my collection every time when it is not in use and I don’t have to worry about it ever net being charged or getting scratched.

Some will still question my decision for putting a 3DS XL accessory on a Zelda collectibles site, stating that this is not a Zelda item and should probably be better off on a 3DS collecting site.  I still say it’s a very valid item to have IF you have the Zelda 3DS XL and want to keep it in the same place every time it’s not used and also don’t want to wear down the regular charging connection.

I would have posted a link directly to the Club Nintendo offerings of the 3DS XL charging cradle, but those sold out in about an hour on 10/31/2013, their debut, and there’s no telling when they will have more – if ever.

3DS XL Charging Cradle


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